Your Bonus Gift from the Mindful Life Conference!

Here are five of the most popular talks from our 2016 Mindful Life Conference in Washington, DC. 

Our next conference is April 21-22, 2017 in Washington, DC.

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in work life, family life, civic life, education, health & wellness, social activism and culture.

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Tara Brach - Awakening from the Trance of Blame

The habit of blame is at the very core of what separates us from ourselves and blocks true intimacy with others. It is also the root of violence and war. This talk looks at the evolutionary, cultural and familial drivers of the trance of blame, and introduces a mindfulness- based practice that releases its grip. The gift of letting go is a forgiving heart, and the freedom to love without holding back.


Dan Siegel - Parental Presence, The Mindful Brain, and Integrating Relationships to Cultivate Secure Attachment and Well-Being

Defining mind as an ‘embodied and relational process that regulates the flow of energy and information’ allows us to more fully understanding the mind and then how to cultivate a healthy mind through the process of various forms of integration that create vitality, connection and meaning in our lives.


Sharon Salzberg & Congressman Tim Ryan - Where Mindfulness and Compassion Make a Difference

Sharon and Tim discuss ways that integrating more mindfulness and compassion into our society could benefit us all. They look at what’s currently going on with mindfulness at the federal government level, and they share their vision for what’s possible.


Judson Brewer - The Brain Science Behind Mindfulness

Dr. Brewer highlights clinical and brain imaging studies that his and other labs have conducted that are helping us understand the brain mechanisms of mindfulness.


Brenda Salgado, Mirabai Bush, Bruce Gill, & Rhonda Magee - Mindfulness, Diversity and Inclusion as a Foundation for Awakening Together

How can we create vibrant spaces, places and institutions that diverse communities are attracted to, and that create a sense of belonging? Our panelists share learnings on diversity efforts in the mindfulness movement and beyond, and discuss the practice required to create truly inclusive communities working towards health and liberation for all.


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