PreK-12 Educators Discounted Ticket -
Saturday & Sunday

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Professionals in the PreK-12 education field save over 50% with this exclusive offer. The ticket includes a Saturday conference day pass (Friday is not included) and the Sunday daylong intensive, "Teaching Mindfulness to Adolescents" with Trish Broderick. 

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PreK-12 Educators Ticket Gives You:

Saturday Conference 8:30am - 5:30pm: Talks and Workshops

(This Educators Ticket does not include Friday and is only for professionals in the PreK-12 field)

Saturday Speakers focusing on Education and Youth Include:

  • Patricia (Trish) Broderick,
    Bennett Pierce Prevention Research Center, Penn State University
  • Kimberly Schonert-Reichl
    Faculty of Education, University of British Columbia
  • Hawah Kasat
    Co-founder/ Executive Director, One Common Unity
  • Ghylian Bell
    Founder and Director, The Urban Yoga Foundation
  • Erica Ford
    CEO and Founder of LIFE Camp Inc.

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Sunday Intensive 9:30am - 3:30pm: Teaching Mindfulness to Adolescents with Trish Broderick

4.75 CEs available - see info here

Intensive Description:

Adolescence is a critically important time for the development of social and emotional skills. Increasingly, schools and other institutions are searching for ways to build resilience, reduce risk, and improve stress management through mindfulness. This workshop will introduce teachers, clinicians, and other participants to Learning to BREATHE (L2B), a research-based mindfulness program for adolescents. The basic goal of L2B is to provide an introduction and foundation in mindfulness for students that can be adapted for groups in many settings. In L2B, students progress, step by step, through activities and practices that cultivate openhearted awareness of body, thoughts and feelings.

A complementary dimension of mindfulness practice - self/other compassion –is woven into the program through explicit practices, guidance, and activities to encourage kindness toward self and others. Teachers facilitate this process using guided discovery rather than didactic pedagogy. Thus, interactive activities and mindfulness practice provide ‘real-time’ opportunities to cultivate mindfulness rather than simply opportunity to ‘talk about’ mindfulness.

The workshop will offer a general overview of L2B, and its activities and mindfulness practices. Research supporting each of the 6 themes of L2B lessons will be presented. Since those who teach mindfulness must experience mindfulness themselves, the workshop includes periods of mindfulness practice for participants.

Some prior experience with mindfulness is helpful but is not a prerequisite for participation. For more information go to

Objectives:   As a result of this interactive workshop, participants will be able to:

• Describe the connections between Social and Emotional Learning and mindfulness

• Summarize some major research findings related to mindfulness-based interventions for adolescents.

• Understand a research-based mindfulness program for adolescents called Learning to BREATHE

• Practice skills for presenting and teaching mindfulness to adolescents in school-based or clinical settings using L2B.

• Participate in frequent practice breaks through guided periods throughout the program.

• Establish networking connections and learn about resources to draw upon in order to continue using mindfulness effectively in classrooms and other settings.


Patricia (Trish) Broderick, Ph.D.

Patricia (Trish) Broderick is a research associate at the Bennett-Pierce  Prevention Research Center at Penn State University and professor emerita, founder, and former director of the Stress Reduction Center at West Chester University of Pennsylvania . She holds a Master’s degree in Counseling from Villanova University and a Ph.D. in School Psychology from Temple University. She is a licensed clinical psychologist, certified school psychologist (K-12), certified school counselor (K-12) and a graduate of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction advanced practicum atthe Center for Mindfulness at UMASS.

She is an advisory board member for CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning) on the intersection of social and emotional learning and mindfulness and a member of the practice committee of the American Mindfulness Research Association (AMRA). Dr. Broderick is a Co-Principal Investigator on a recent grant from the US Department of Education (Institute for Education Science) to study mindfulness in schools.

The fourth edition of her developmental psychology textbook, entitled The Life Span: Human Development for Helping Professionals (4th ed., Broderick & Blewitt), was published in 2014 by Pearson Education. Learning to BREATHE, a Mindfulness Curriculum for Adolescents (2013, New Harbinger) is being used in schools and other settings across the world.

PreK-12 Educators Discounted Ticket -
Saturday & Sunday

$249 - Save Over 50%

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